Fat As A Feminist Issue Essay

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Fat is a Feminist Issue; Summary
Being overweight is a problem that people in the United Stated faced; today fifty percent of women who live in the United States are estimated to be overweight. Fat it’s seen as a common problem for women and not for men, mostly; well that’s what we see in society. Common sense seems to dictate that people judge women for their appearance, and not for whom they are. As on the article “Fat as a Feminist Issue” by Susie Orbach states that being overweight is a way of rebellion against society whom wants them to be thin. Being overweight is not just women issue, but for men and children too, as most people don’t have the power to control their weight this has become a way to rebel against society; who expect their bodies to be ideal.
Orbach states many points that are interesting, indeed; every woman dream about having a prefect and intact body to be presumed to society. On the other hand, we have the compulsive eating woman, who being fat and feeling fat drive them to isolate themselves because they don’t feel they fit in society; as a result they faced serious and painful experience on which they feel guilty for not having control over their weight. Which it shouldn’t be that way, because people shouldn’t feel harassed or down because they can’t please people. However, if people have a healthy diet and do some exercises to maintain their body and health steady they wouldn’t be fighting with these stereotypes on their lives. This is want I do,…

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