Female Delinquency And Male Delinquency Essay

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This criminal justice study will define the discrepancies of male and female gender roles in the identification of the causes and commonalities of patriarchal victimization of female delinquency. The common causes of female delinquency tend to rely on criminal activity related to running away from abusive environments (physically, sexually, mentally), which contrasts the more aggressive aspects of male delinquency as a discrepancy of criminal violations. In many cases, females tend to dictate gender-based aspects of submissive/passive behavior as a female trait that is based on the primarily aggressive traits of patriarchal social norms in modern society. These discrepancies identify the causal roots of female delinquency as part of the marginalization of patriarchal abuse that effect deviant behaviors. These family-based circumstances define the causal factors of female delinquency as they are related to patriarchal/male abuse within the home in terms of higher rates of runaways. In essence, an analysis of the discrepancy of gender roles between boys and girls define the more passive/submissive aspects of criminal victimization that are a major part of female delinquency in modern society. The most common discrepancy of gender-based crimes is based on the traditional foundations of the patriarchal family unit in terms of defining female delinquency. In this manner, the major differences between delinquent behavior in boys and girls are based on differing types of crimes…

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