Feminine Devine Paper

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Feminine Divine Paper
Deborah O'Reilly
March 6, 2011
Greg Underwood

Feminine Divine Paper
This paper reviews an article that discusses aspects of the female divine in contemporary culture. The article is called, “It's all ancient Greek to me; the latest design trend celebrates the power of modern goddesses while giving their inner women freedom to move,” by Edwina Ings-Chambers. Also summarizing the article mentioned above, this paper compares the article between the modern female divine images with mythic examples of feminine divine.
Feminine divine in mythology relates to feminine goddesses. In some cultures, feminine goddesses were viewed of as supernatural immortal beings. Goddesses had special powers to control
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“The goal of women's liberation was to not be a worshipped figure but the goddess look is about emulating being a worshipped figure” (Ings-Chambers, 2005, para 5).
With one of the main exceptions of being immortal, modern day women and ancient goddesses have several similarities. Today’s women are educated and wise. Some goddesses were considered to be all knowing. Women are independent, self directed and strong. These qualities are also like ancient goddesses who didn’t need any other being to perform their miraculous wonders. In general, women are considered to be beautiful and highly desired from the opposite sex. Goddesses were depicted to be extremely beautiful as well and some say that they even had a desire to be loved.
As the article relates to modern day women and fashion, the over one shoulder, waist fitting flowing dress emulates some ancient goddess garments. These garments today have been seen in movies, various versions are seen on the “red carpet”, and more affordable versions of these garments can be found at common stores like Macy’s. Ings-Chambers called this the “goddess trend”. The goddess inspired fashions are used to promote femininity, comfort and style; modern designers even accessorize some of these fluid flowing garments with flat sandals as the goddesses may have worn in the past.
Ings-Chambers describes modern day women as ancient goddesses who “juggle careers, homes and families and throughout it all are expected

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