Feminism : A Controversial Issue Essay

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Feminism has been a controversial topic since 1800’s when Women Rights Movement was started. In most of the cases, people misinterpret the term that creates conflict and confusion. The people who believe in this concept are of the view that men and women in society should have equal opportunities and status in society. Society is also believed that certain groups such as women are mistreated in their lives. Society is segregated when it comes to feminism. We can witness a large number of people who openly supports feminism and there is also a huge number of feminist theories. However, the image of feminists expressed in the media is as the group of women who are angry and hate men and this theory should be rejected at all costs. This depicts that feminism is portrayed as a theory that is perilous and destructive (Tan). Feminism is a controversial issue because in most of the cases people misinterpret Feminism. The controversy has also been developed because of the various definitions people create for this term. Some people are of the view that feminists want to make women dominant in society and disregard men in all fields of their lives. It is considered as a movement that will take power away from men and give it to women. On an other hand, the term literally means equality between men and women in all fields of life. Everybody should be treated equally and all the aspects of injustice should be eradicated from the system. Feminism basically focuses on…

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