Feminism And The Feminist Theory Essay

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A division among gender has been evident throughout society, perhaps since the beginning of intellectual human life. Men and women both have individualistic roles they must follow and undertake in order to maintain their positions in society; the society we have created by assigning the norms for each gender to follow. The question arises when we think about how the idea of gender became wholly about power, influence, and structure as portrayed throughout all the roles we obligate. Sociology witnesses a division that we have created as social beings, and a division between genders that has continued for centuries upon centuries. From this division derived the feminist theory, and has been examined by social scientists with various diverse perspectives.
Many of these perspectives have an interlinking relationship with one another and have many similar characteristics when discussing the issue of gender discrimination within feminist theory. Conceptions and ideas that revolve around feminism are countless, but there are a few that certainly are prominent throughout our society. This essay will focus on feminist theory characteristics, which primarily depict the explanations of numerous analyses pertaining to gender inequality through social roles throughout American society. These social roles humanity has succumbed to affect the way we examine ourselves as well as those around us. America is well known as the land of opportunity and equality, yet we fail to see the ongoing…

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