Feminism And The Fight For Equal Rights Essay

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Over the course of our American history, feminist movements have taken action to demand equal rights for both men and women. The fight for the right to vote was one of those most notable movements. The passing of the nineteenth Amendment in 1920 was undoubtedly a victory for feminists of that time. The right to vote gave women an overwhelming sensation of pride and power. While this moment in history was indeed an astonishing achievement for equal rights, the fight is far from over. However, many people do not believe this to be true; instead, they believe that the fight for equal rights has already been won. In fact, the idea of the feminist movement has gained a negative stigma in today’s society. Feminists are not seen in a positive light. There are negative connotations and assumptions made when the word “feminist” or “feminism” is heard. Many people have a common misconception that today’s feminist movement promotes an anti-men agenda. However, those that believe that are horribly mistaken. Feminism is not about hating or attacking men; instead, it is about allowing all humans—regardless of their gender—to have equal chances and opportunities. It is about allowing both men and women to have equal rights—whether it is in regards to political, economic, or social rights. With that being said, it is time to diminish the negative stigma that surrounds feminism and accept that we need feminism. We need feminism because women, on average, make less money than…

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