Essay on Feminism and the Marxist Theory in the Hunger Games

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Title Annually in the country once known as North America, the nation of Panem uses their dictatorship, they call the Capitol to rule over the twelve districts they have created. The Districts have all had major revolts, as a response to these rebellions the government of the Capitol has enacted a cruel intimidation tactic called The Hunger Games. It is a violent event televised nationally throughout all of the districts where a male and female from each district is picked as a Tribute. These Tributes must fight each other to the death and only one survivor will remain. The Hunger Games is the governments approach of displaying the amount of power they posses over the demoralized people of the twelve districts. The character of …show more content…
In such alienation, their life energy is take out of them and turned into a thing, a manufactured good or a value that is then sold on the market as a commodity.” (Ryan 59)
In our society the separation between the rich and the poor is one that is still plausible. An event that happed recently to support these claims would be the Occupy Wall Street protests. This protest had one main goal, being the corrupt separation between the 1% Wall Street rich and the 99 % working class. The Hunger Games; is a narrative about Americas current condition war, power and corruption, and social change. The Capitol makes the twelve districts participate in the annual Hunger Games as a form of both punishment for the districts and entertainment for the ruling elite of the Capitol There are a lot of similarities between the roman gladiators and the Tributes in The Hunger Games. The Roman Gladiators who were slaves that were forced to fight to the death by the wealthy elite of that time. Like the Tributes from the twelve districts created a public spectacle were people would come together to watch a live murder. The spectacle had the purpose of entertainment as well as punishment of reminding people who was in charge and to keep them bowing to the powers that feed. This is how those people of corrupt power stay in control by making people to scared to fight back. “Hope is the only thing more effective than fear. Hope is a basic tenant of the American Dream; The American Dream is

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