Feminism And The Women 's Suffrage Essay

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All of these points are valid but the last two points are the most problematic. An example of Liberal feminists being concerned with only the White middle class was during the Women’s Suffrage movement. The positive gain and/or outcome was intended for White women of middle Class. Secondly, capitalism is never brought up which is one of the major causes of the incongruity between men and women in lieu of the wage gap and massive discrepancies of employment. Now that we have described Liberal feminism and some of its limitations; how about Radical feminism? Radical feminism is a philosophy, theory and set of beliefs emphasizing the patriarchal roots of inequality been men and women. More specifically, the dominance of women by men. Radical feminism views patriarchy as the most evil of creations dividing rights, privileges and power to men instead of sharing it with women. As a result of this dominance, the oppression of women causes men to be privileged. One of the major areas of disagreement between liberal feminism and radical feminism is of equality between men and women. Radical feminists believe that the equality argument posed by liberal feminists is pointless and empty because women are not equal to men. If you make men and women equal, at the same time you are neglecting the needs of women. Tools, which exist, that make equality an issue are gender exploitation and power struggles between the system of patriarchy (ruled by men) and women. Radical feminism sees one…

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