Feminism Is Not For Equal Equality And Opportunities For Women

1231 Words Feb 4th, 2016 null Page
Many people think they know what feminism is; regardless of any previous opinions one may have, the reality is that feminism is “the belief in the need to secure, or in the commitment to secure, rights and opportunities for women equal to those of men” (“Feminism” paragraph 1). Pink should be their favorite color and they should want to play Barbies and dress-up. A girl is seen as masculine if she would rather play with fake guns and a G.I. Joe and a man is seen as feminine or strange if his favorite color is pink or he would rather play with a Barbie then play Alamo. If a boy would rather wear a skirt or a girl would rather wear jeans and a t-shirt it is considered weird and the parents will often receive endless criticisms. These strict gender roles are mutual for men as well as women in their childhoods, but it is one of the only areas in which they are equal. Women and men are treated unequally down to the very root of childhood teachings, to education, up to the glass ceiling found in workplaces around the world.
Children who are taught traditional roles of women and far too many others in society still expect women to be housewives and men to be sole breadwinners for the family, despite recent studies showing that 51% of women would rather have a job outside of the home and only 44% of women wished to stay in their homes and care for their families (“Gender Roles”). How many movies do women watch as children that feature a heroic prince on a mission to save…

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