Essay about Feminist And Political Economy Theories

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Critical feminist and political economy theories were incorporated into the anthropological discipline in the 1960’s and 70’s as social and political climates were changing around the world. Academia was influencing and being influenced by new or progressive social agendas and this carryover was instrumental in the popularity, dissemination, and depth of critique for these concepts. Around this time scholars began what has now become a tradition in the discipline, which is that of introspection and reflection on anthropological methods and theory itself. A greater attention to the nature of anthropology and a critical eye towards its practices was being established at this time. This introspection led to a multitude of traditionally accepted values, methods, and overarching principles being challenged and questioned. It was a period of upheaval for the discipline and it led to the emergence of new theoretical perspectives. Two of these are feminist anthropology and the reformulation of political economy. The assigned articles were written in the latter half of the 70’s and early 80’s and as such they were within a time period of reflection after some major world events. The theoretical perspective of political economy is unique in that it began in the 18th century as an investigation of the relationships between politics and the economy (as is somewhat self-evident in the name). Thus the political economy being discussed in the Wolf article (1982) is not the classical…

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