Feminist Criticism Of Euripides ' Medea Essay

1211 Words Feb 27th, 2016 null Page
Medea remains a highly controversial work of literature because through it, Euripides seems to be making a statement about women in general, but his stance on women and feminism remains unclear. Euripides’s complex portrayal of Medea suggests both positive and negative aspects of women. He depicts Medea as a clever, manipulative, daring, dangerous, powerful woman. Using this technique, he puts women in a positive light, by suggesting that they are clever and powerful; on the other hand, he gives women some negative characteristics, since people generally frown upon people who are dangerous and manipulative. In many feminist criticisms of Medea, the writer makes the wide assumption that Euripides is commenting on the race of women as a whole through Medea’s character; however, we must take into consideration that Medea does not exactly blend in with other women in the drama. Medea is a Barbarian, not a Greek woman; she is daring and not filled with fear, as other women are. Still, Euripides portrays her as similar to other women in many ways by associating her character with traditionally feminine characteristics. She is deeply emotional, she lets passion override logic, and she, in the eyes of some, overreacts to an issue that is seemingly insignificant in Greek society. It seems that Euripides’ Medea is so controversial because it is extremely difficult for us to fully understand whether Euripides created Medea with the intent of portraying women positively or negatively.…

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