Essay about Feminist Criticism Of Women And Women

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Many people think that males in our society today are brought up to define who they are as a person through the idealized version of heroics, the glory of competition, and, above all else, the idea that only winners are successful. Females, on the other hand, are brought up to define their identities through assembly, collaboration, unselfishness, home life, and community. This view of different male and female roles can be seen throughout literature. However, though both men and women have been represented throughout literature there is a clear commentary thread on the roles of women in society. This “thread” has taken a name: feminist criticism. Due to the diverse array of feminist studies, many feminist critics hesitate to propose a general description of what feminist criticism is. It has been observed, however, that feminist criticism reflects the assorted positions of the feminist movement. Common topics of feminist studies include examinations of patriarchy, gender and sex roles, and the relationship between gender and power. The feminist literacy criticism of today is the direct product of the women’s movement of the 1960s. Throughout the years many authors have taken a stance on the roles of gender in society. Many criticize the inequality between men and women. One writer who was forthright in his attack on the roles on gender was William Shakespeare. Shakespeare’s plays are characterized by their obvious attack on societal problems. For example, in Romeo…

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