Essay about Feminist Ethics : The And Rethink Traditional Ethics

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Feminist Ethics challenges us to revise, reformulate and rethink traditional ethics to the extent it devaluates women 's moral interpretations. Among other feminist thinkers that will be discussed in this essay, Alison Jaggar faults traditional ethics for letting women down in many ways. Significantly it shows less concern for women 's as opposed to men 's issues and interests and overvalues culturally masculine attributes such as hierarchy, domination and transcendence. Whilst undervalues culturally feminine attributes such as connection, nature and process life. (Jaggar, 1992).
Feminist theories and that of ethics reduce the primarily masculine sphere of International Relations. The reality is in the discussion of ethics in Politics it is predominantly constructed on a language of violence, technologies or economics all considered to be masculine topics of discussion (Hutchings, 2009). Such language feminist thinkers believe will never be able to solve political matters, significantly the environment. This essay will discuss Ecofeminism, a branch of feminist ethics specifically for ecological issues and how it has introduced a new way of thinking about politics. Ecofeminist defy the male dominated capitalist system which has manipulated Globalisation and social matters. Thus one must explore how then Ecofeminist views capitalism and claims there is a correlation between environmentalism and key social matters such as racism and gender inequality.
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