Feminist Movement : A Feminist Perspective Essay

1570 Words Nov 24th, 2015 null Page
At the finest, simplest level, what is the definition of a feminist? Well, some say a feminist is a woman who resents traditional social ideologies and resents the male gender. Others may go as far as to say that the feminist movement is unnecessary because women have achieved considerable political and social equality. To clear common misconceptions, a feminist is an individual, male or female, who believes in political, social, and economic equality of both men and women on equivalent grounds. The feminist movement is not a collection of bitter women fighting for the elimination of the male gender. A true feminist does not achieve social progress at the expense of another individual rather a feminist pushes for women to be acknowledged and treated as equal beings in society. Despite the profound gains of the feminist movement, society continues to place limitations against female equality through biases such as age, sexual orientation, economic and marital status. Our society holds the female gender to a series of illogical and shallow standards, where women who choose not to conform to the beliefs of society are left to face the harsh judgement of society. Through the use of satire and tone, female deviation from societal expectations defies traditional perspectives of female behavior of both society and the male population.
In the past, society expected women to behave in a specific manner, precisely demure and subservient behavior was expected. Behavior outside of the…

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