Essay on Feminist Theory Of Rape Etiology Into A Comprehensive Model

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In what is to follow, this reaction paper will deconstruct and discuss the reading Feminist Framework Plus: Knitting Feminist Theories of Rape Etiology Into a Comprehensive Model, written by Beverly A. McPhail (2015). The foremost intention of McPhail’s work was to present a holistic feminist centered framework, which she believed would more accurately capture the reality and experience of rape. In doing so, the proposed framework would provide further insights for survivors, researchers, theorists, academics, activists, advocates and educators in the field. McPhail undertook the process of “knitting” together five feminist theories and The Feminist Framework Plus (FFP) was the resultant framework. The five feminist theories that were knitted together to create the FFP were: patriarchal power and control (radical/liberal), normative heterosexuality (radical), at the intersections (women of color/intersectionality), doing masculinity and doing rape (social construction), and embodied sexual practices (postmodern/queer/French)(McPhail, 2015, p. 3-7). Borrowing from Kalmar and Sternberg’s (1988) idea of theory-knitting, FFP was developed using the best aspects of the above-mentioned five theories (as cited in McPhail, 2015, p. 8). I have read about bridging theories in other classes, but I really connected with the idea of knitting theories together. Therefore, I thought I would look into the work cited by McPhail (2015) in order get a better understanding of theory knitting.…

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