Film Review Of ' A Given Shot ' Essay

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Our brains use the questions who, what, where, when, why, and how to make sense of the world. How do a writer, director, and editor utilize these questions in creating a film? The writer decides the characters and how they will react in different situations and their personalities. They also decide the setting of the movie and why a particular scene should be shot there. He also coordinates with the director and producer to accomplish the “what” in a given shot. A film director is responsible for developing a creative vision, which leads film to success. He is responsible for changing the scripts into wonderful shots. The responsibility of film director is to give direction to the actor and actress so that the look of film will be amazing. He is responsible for managing tone of movie (Job Responsibilities). Main key point of film editor responsibilities involves arrangement of material used in film broadcasting. The responsibility of film editor is to create and manage special events, effects, sounding dialogue, clarity of visual scene and camera shots. He is responsible for giving good quality to movie and handover full finished product. He is also responsible for coordinating director and producer to give sky touching success to movie (Job Responsibilities).
Individual camera shots are the building blocks of film language, just as words are the building blocks of a written language. Have you ever considered film shots as a form of language? Yes, language comes in various…

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