Film Review : The Titanic Essays

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The Titanic is known as on of the most remarkable films that is filled with romance and emotion. This film was based on a real event that made headlines in the new york times. This tradegy was unexpected. New York Times says, “The phrase “TITANIC SINKS” was part of the headline for the Boston Daily Globe, the London Herald, the Baltimore American, the Globe (of Toronto), and, of course, The New York Times after the historic wreck of 1912 [Here’s what the article (sans headline) looked like in The New York Times, courtesy of the Times Machine. –D.A.]” (Amlen, p.1). This tradegy helped turn a love story into a huge hit. Variety Magazine states, “...James Cameron’s romantic epic, which represents the biggest roll of the dice in film history…” (McCarthy, p.1). This statement shows that critics that are reviewing this film belive that this film has made a huge impact in the entertainment business. This film was influenced by marxist and feminist views. One can take a look at this film through marxist and feminist criticism. Marxist criticism is a way to view and analyze world conditions and historical development. The main idea of Marxism is the struggle between the bourgeoisie and proletariat. Feminist Criticism is when male characters are viewed as dominant while female characters are secondary. Marxist Criticism within the film is shown through the structure of class, commodification, and alientation. Feminist criticism can be viewed in as the men are the dominant characters…

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