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Pros and Cons of being a young adult manager

In the

Retail Industry

Presented To:

Mr. Perry Barton

Principle of Management MGMT 1100

By: Hillary D. Wooden


October 8, 2012

In the retail industry there are many different managers with different personalities. When you think of managers in the retail industry, you picture an older adult that has worked with the company for 20-30 years. Companies now have seen that having older adults is more of a liability than an asset. Having older adults as managers can have some pros but sometimes there are cons. After talking to different managers within my company, I have came to the
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An example of having good planning skills is; planning out your department for the week. When you come in Monday morning to work you see your manager drink a cup of coffee and talking to a customer. You just start cleaning until they are finish, after 15 minutes you see other associates walking around doing nothing. You walk up to your manager and ask them what are you suppose to do. She looks around and said I guess you can just go home, I did not plan any work for today.

The second pro of being a young adult manager in the retail world is leadership. Leadership is inspiring and motivating workers to work hard to achieve the company goals. Being a leader is a key element in the retail industry. Young adults are good leaders because most of the workers that are getting hired are young in age also. Older employees and younger employees may conflict lot making the older adult have less respect for them. An example would be, if a younger employee asks to switch for another employee for a school event. The manager may not see school as a reason for late switches.

Another pro of being a young adult manager in the retail industry is having good human skills. Human skills are defined as the ability to work well with others. Human skills are also known as having good social skills. Young adults are known for having good human skills because

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