Finding A Positive Racial Self Identification Essay

2157 Words Jul 22nd, 2015 9 Pages
The journey to finding a positive racial self-identification has been and continues to be a tiresome struggle. In my experience, I have had to find ways to navigate around the ideas about race from the adults and peers in my life. This voyage is one that started from young and until present day, is ever changing with each life event. According to Tatum, “Adolescents are searching for identity; … And particularly for adolescents of color, these questions cannot be answered without also asking: Who am I ethnically? Who am I racially? and What meaning does this have for how people view me and interact with me?” (O’Neil 1997). For me, this search for identity has certainly brought about many questions. At times the answers were given in forceful, subliminal and sometimes hurtful ways. Thus far, it has been a rough road that has and continues to shape my views about myself and the world in a race based society. My parents’ views were some of the foremost influential ones I received. They gave pertinent information either verbally or non-verbally, about how they perceive race. I have always believed that a person is a product of their environment, whether it is negative or positive is up to the individual. My upbringing in and out of the home has certainly shaped my adult views on how racism affects me on a personal and a world level. The way that I learned to identify myself on a racial and ethnic level as a child came from the way my parents identified. Being Black, Hispanic…

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