First Successful Volunteer For My Research Study Essay

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he third successful volunteer for my research study was Mr. Noah (a pseudonym). Mr. Noah who identified his , name , age and affiliated institution in the optional fields of the informed consent form is a professor holding a PHD and has been teaching for more than 25 years. However, he was selected for the study because he spent significant years teaching in city college of Chicago (CCC). He also has a good experience in dealing with student from multicultural backgrounds in different universities in the state of Illinois and different parts of the nation.

In spite of his busy schedule and commitments, Mr. Noah was very generous in dedicating his time to serve the goals of my study. It took two weeks before Mr. Noah set a final schedule to be interviewed. Mr. Noah arrived early to the interview site although he is living about 45 miles away.

The interview was conducted afternoon in the middle of June, 2015. The interviewee signed the forms and reviewed the study protocol. The researcher thanked Mr. Noah for his time and effort. He explain his rights and expectations. He also reminded him of the benefits of the study and stressed that there will be no monetary rewards in return for the participation. However, a thank you letter will be sent to the participant by the end of the study as a recognition of valued participation. Also, the participant was informed that he will get a copy of recording transcripts when done.

At the beginning of the interview, the…

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