Essay about Flannery O ' Connor 's Life

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Flannery O’Connor devoted her life to Roman Catholic and attended mass daily while growing up, which influenced her endeavor greatly. Religion is correlated with God in many cultures. Religion plays an imperative role in O’Connor’s stories to give the characters a new meaning and purpose in life through the use of religion. Flannery O’Connor portrays foreshadow, irony, symbolism, and southern religious beliefs throughout many of her stories. Alongside incorporating grace as an element, her stories are usually drawn from the people around her and various readings she had done. O’Connor’s attendance at mass daily has a significant impact on her writing since she often uses references from devotion readings such as the bible. Religion figures into Flannery O’Connor’s work in many different ways, considering she often makes connections between religious faith and human sin, symbolism, and irony to build the concept of religion into her stories.
Flannery O’Connor uses a truth filled representation of her beliefs to give the stories she writes a value of religion she believes in. O’Connor believed that though God is present everywhere, people only turn to him when they are in need, as only remembering him when they are in trouble. “Her stories bring to life a land overflowing with churches and self-proclaimed Christians, where religion is present everywhere, but rarely practiced in its true form” (Harris Para.1). O’Connor includes the beliefs of a religion in her stories, however,…

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