Food Advertisement Paper

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Why Were Advertisements Developed and How Have they Changed?

An important topic in the late 1920’s was food. Since it was around the time of the Great Depression money was scarce and food was important for survival. In order to make money and beat competitors, companies had to get their products well known and keep their prices low. One way businesses did this was by either sponsoring a radio show or putting their product on paper, which was the beginning of advertising. This was significant since the radio was a new technology that allowed messages to be delivered simultaneously through transmitters with very little delay to everyone who owned one. It was the main source of entertainment, like the television is today. There are many
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In Paradox of Plenty, Levenstein states, “Manufacturers of fruit juices… claimed their products yielded “quick energy” yet were never fattening. Welch’s grape juice was even more effective, so it seemed: Its predigested grape sugar actually “burned up ugly fat”.”[7]
Thus, relating back to the advertisement that it was important to have an billboard or commercial that could tell you specific details as to why their food product was better. Famous people in the 1920s and 1930s, like musicians and actors who were on broadcasted radio shows, were the best individuals to have associated with a particular product. Seeing that radio shows became so popular, those who starred in them became what is known as celebrity icons. Just by being associated with a particular product, they created an image for that good that it was the best and everyone should have it. Today, celebrities are the most common way to market any good or service. For example, Hannah Montana, which is a popular TV show for children, and anything with Hannah Montana on it children will want and their parents will buy it for them. Those who were celebrities were looked upon as idols just like they are now. An example of this is Irene Rich. Welch’s sponsored, Irene Rich, a famous actress who had her own radio show. As a result she was promoting their Grape Juice to consumers. In

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