Food Marketers And Companies Should Stop The Food Industry Essay

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Another issue that is being fought is whether or not food marketers and industries should stop the advertising and stop the food industry from selling and producing unhealthy food to keep the obesity from continuing to increase. Many will argue that they should not stop the production and sales of unhealthy food because without them it would cause a money decrease to the United States and many left jobless. According to “Food Industry is Making America Fat”, “Katz notes that according to HIS Global Insight, an economic and financial forecasting firm, the guidelines “Would result in a 20 percent reduction in ad expenditures that would in turn cause losses of $28.3 billion in manufacturing and retail sales and 378,000 jobs lost by 2015.” (9). So much could happen then with people losing jobs and money being lost. It would cause riots and more debt on the country and they would probably increase taxes everywhere making it more of a poverty living world. There is a reason the food industry is running and bigger than ever. It is because people always need jobs and there is never an issue of having no money or losing the business. People buy so much junk food because it is cheaper than buying healthy food making it harder to lose weight or stay healthy. A relating issue to stop the sales of unhealthy food is that people think soda should be taxed. If the government puts a tax on soda then people would stop buying it and we would lost money not gain it. “Opponents also claim that…

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