`` Forever, By Pete Hamill Essay

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Since the beginning there has always been hardships for certain classes just because of their beliefs or appearances, yet man kind continues to repeat this monstrous cycle. In both Forever and Maus, religion is the key to inflicting social injustice onto a certain group. The central issue in Maus, written by Art Spiegelman, is the Jews being rounded up and exterminated like mice by the German government. While in Forever, written by Pete Hamill, the main issue begins with oppression towards the Catholic people of Ireland by the British. Even with the different groups involved both novels have the similar issue involving religious oppression. The concept of religious oppression can be seen in Forever and Maus in a economic, emotional, and physical ways. The sign of religious oppression in Forever starts with the economical aspect and slowly leads to the other forms of oppression. While Cormac is still in Ireland, Fergus, his father, and him run into the Earl of Warren, whose attempts inflicting economic restraints onto Cormac’s father. “‘It’s well known that you’re a papist, and since the law of this land clearly states that no papist can own a horse more than five pounds, and since—’ ‘I know the law,’ Fergus said. ‘It does not apply to me. I’m not a Catholic’” (Hamell 92). In the end of the scene Fergus is shot for his horse, even though he’s not a Catholic, still the Earl sentences the innocent Irishman to death. Though the theme isn’t portrayed as strongly in Forever as…

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