Freedom Of Expression Like A Shadow Essay examples

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Throughout history censorship has followed people’s freedom of expression like a shadow. When I fled my country Ethiopia, not only as a result of censorship, but also extreme intimidation, I left my entire family behind. While others continued to write controversial statements about the government and politics, I left because I was not a fighter. Even though Ethiopia’s Constitution explicitly protects freedom of speech, in reality the government ignores it for the most part. In 2011, Reeyot Alemu, my close friend and a journalist, who founded the monthly magazine Change was arrested (“CPJ Concerned About” Par. 2). Why? They do not like what she writes, censorship. She was accused of reporting on an opposition group that was labeled “terrorist” by the government. Clearly, it shows that the type of censorship is overt. In fact, according to Committee to Protect Journalist (CPJ), Ethiopia is among one of the ten most censored countries in the world. Influenced by these undisguised censorship practices, I decided to explore and compare it with how it is done in developed countries. This research project focuses and shines light on how censorship is accomplished in different countries against the universally accepted human right for freedom of expression. Censorship is a way of regulating and examining various forms of media available to the general public. It occurs in different contexts, including books, films, art plays, radios, television programs, news, internet and…

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