Essay about Freire 's Views Of The Educational System

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This paper analyzes Paulo Freire’s views of the educational system and the faults he sees in it, from Chapter 2 of his essay, Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Freire discusses two approaches of education, banking and problem-posing education that are present in education today. Freire argues that banking education, which portrays the teacher as the narrator, detaches students from reality as they are seen as containers being filled with pre-selected contents of the narration. In this model, the student’s job is to act as receptacles; recording memorizing, and repeating the information, becoming detached from things that could give them significance. Freire believes this is not an effective method of teaching and proposes a new approach, problem-solving education. which he says is more just and effective. In this method, the teacher-student contradiction is gone and the question of authority is no longer valid. Freire states that the new relationship that forms between the student and teacher is, “teacher-student with students-teachers.” The teacher is no longer the only one who teaches and there is a joint responsibility so that both teachers and students may grow. Freire analyzes each educational approach, outlining the different theories of knowledge, student and teacher relationships, goals, and human relationships with the world, that each education approach supports. Criticizing the banking method throughout his essay, while praising the problem-posing approach, Freire…

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