Essay on Freud, Jung, And Adler

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Among Freud, Jung, and Adler, Freud is without a doubt one of the most recognized and cited psychologist in a variety of fields. It was Dr. Freud who developed use of the terms "das Ich", (“The I”), first seen in his work published in German. Later, this was translated into Latin as how it is currently known as " the ego." The "ego" was brought into common prevalence amongst psychoanalyst and those who were with a strong interest to the understanding of self-consciousness. Adler 's contribution to psychology and later his school of thought coined the term "Individual Psychology." This ideology was founded on the ideas of the indivisibility of the personality. His largest shift in viewpoints from Freud 's school of thought was his belief, that he termed “holism” or holistic. A holistic view takes the human being as a whole and not as a collective system of mechanisms, drives or active parts. Lastly, in sharp contrast to most psychological thinking of the time, Adler believed that, essentially, human beings are self-determined.
Following their first meeting in 1907, Carl Jung became a follower and protégé to Dr. Sigmund Freud and together began working to map the human personality. However in 1914, Jung broke with Freud stating, “He was too focused on sexuality” and wanted to explore other approaches to the human personality. So Jung developed his own school of psychology. Jung emphasized the interpretation of the psyche 's symbols from a universal mythological perspective…

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