Gay Marriage And The Human Rights Campaign Essay

1504 Words May 15th, 2016 null Page
She switched her stance when the American people did according to the statistics on Gallup. In 2013, sixty-six percent of the American population was in favor of gay marriage (McCarthy). Relatively, this is a parallel example of Hillary’s deception she has consistently shown in her campaign and her entire political career. America deserves a president that has steady views and does not switch when the majority calls for it or when it benefits her campaign economically. According to an article by Garrett Griffin, Hillary has been endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign, the most prominent LGBTQ civil rights organization in the United States (Griffin). What this endorsement appears to be is simply political gain for Hillary and her campaign. Hillary also published her statement supporting gay marriage with the Human Rights Campaign. This does not seem like a coincidence and the American people do not see it as that either. After the post was made on Facebook announcing their endorsement of Clinton, many people commented with their disapproval, most with good reason. “Criticisms included Clinton’s support for anti-gay rights legislation such as the Defense of Marriage Act and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in the 1990s, her opposition to gay marriage until 2013, her relationship with Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin, who worked as a junior aide in Bill Clinton’s White House, and both her and the Human Rights Campaign’s support from large corporations” (Griffin). Many…

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