Gender Roles Are The Responsibilities Essay

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In our societies, there are many differing gender roles. Gender roles are the responsibilities placed on you because of your sex. These responsibilities are what are considered to be normal within our societies, and can change from place to place. An illustration of this would be that normally in well developed societies, the man is the one to go out into the workplace and earn money for the family. These roles change throughout time, and now we do see women doing the same for their families. However, there is also such a thing as gender stereotypes. These are the the half-truths about what a male or female would look like and do in our society. As examples, men have shorter, military style haircuts, while women have more free-flowing long hair. Also, women work as nurses, and teachers while men are likely to work in higher positions such as doctors and lawyers, or more physical jobs such as construction (Rathus, 2010, p. 447). Many of these stereotypes are in fact true to the differences between women and men. There are numerous differences in the brain, as well as in the physical makeup of the two sexes. There are furthermore differences in the personalities and interactions of these two groups. Women are more yearning for interaction, while men love to be independent. As a result of this, women are more likely to be gossipy in order to be part of the group, while men tend to root for their favorite team as opposed to going along with their friends’ likes. Also, women are…

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