George Washington 's Influence On The American Revolution Essay

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The American Revolution, fought between 1775 and 1783, was the tussle by which the Colonies of North America acquired independence from Great Britain to develop into the United States of America. The war was successful because of the efforts of key leaders in the revolution. Having a broad historical understanding of these leaders is essential in understanding the reasons for the accomplishments of the war, so that educated conclusions can be constructed about the past; so that we may learn from them in a consistent and accurate manner. One of the most influential leaders of the American Revolution was George Washington. His role in the revolution was extremely impactful, and will be discussed in depth, focusing on his life in two sections;
i. Pre-Revolution, from Washington’s birth in 1732, until his entrance into politics in 1758 ii. American Revolution, from 1758 leading up to the war’s breakout in 1775 until its closure in 1783, and his Presidency between 1789 and 1797
Both sections will consider Washington’s development of political ideology and his influence to the revolution in depth.


Prior to the colonisation of North America, the Washington family had held some distinction in England as part of the middle class, and was granted a small portion of land by King Henry VIII. However the family’s wealth was lost during the Puritan Revolution between 1642 and1651, so after failing to re-establish capital of a similar value, George’s…

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