George Zimmerman - Reflection Paper

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Reflection Paper Week 7
SOC2050: Race and Ethnicity
Centenary College, Parsippany, NJ

Maybe it’s my own opinion or because I’m always trying to be very careful about the way I refer to people but I was very taken aback by the way Professor Hutchinson categorized people as whites or blacks on his paper; referring to issues as being “white” problems was very odd to me. The way he also accused all whites as not caring for race and demeaning the “race card” was generalizing and assuming that all white people are denial of reality when there are a lot of people not just blacks or minorities trying to abolish racism. He also left out the fact that Zimmerman was NOT white or black and this may also have a big impact on the fact that
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I really wasn’t aware of the fact that anybody was making an excuse for Zimmerman and this enrages me. Just like Zimmerman I’m multi-racial and Hispanic but I would never be able to side with a person who shot and killed a young man for no apparent reason, no matter if he was from my same country or neighborhood. More details about Zimmerman have come to light to prove that he was racist and this explains a lot, so for people to try and make excuses for his actions further proves that when a crime is committed against a black person, no matter if the attacker is white or not, it is taken lightly. We now also know that he wanted to become a police officer badly, over the years, his scores of calls to police showed he pursued shoplifters and errant drivers with zeal, reporting pit bulls, potholes, children playing in the street, open garage doors and “suspicious” youths — usually black males — loitering in the street. He obviously wanted the power that comes with being a police officer but he was pursuing this for the wrong reasons – not to help the community out.

I personally don’t believe in the right to keep and bear arms. I think there are too many dangerous people out there and it’s very hard to completely check someone’s background and judge them as a person by a few sheets of papers and a few phone

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