Germany 's Responsibility For The First World War Essay

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Although the mass majority faults Germany for the first World War; some are now challenging that narrative. “It is generally recognized by the best historical scholar in all countries to be no longer tenable or defensible. They are agreed that the responsibility for the War is a divided responsibility. But they still disagree very much as to the relative part of this responsibility that falls on each country and on each individual political or military leaders” (Fay, page 31) It is common knowledge the outbreak for the war was the Serbian assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife. So why was it after the dust had settled, Germany was blamed and punished for the war? Was it because Germany was winning every battle and concurring all across Europe? If it was not Germany 's fault, why was it so beneficial for The Triple Entente to blame Germany? Many historian believe that the Great War was inevitable due to high tensions and would of happened with or without the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. Austria-Hungary led an aggressive imperialistic politics that made European powers prepare for war much before the assassination. So if it was the assassination, how was it Germany 's fault? Germany took most of the blame because it seemed that they were the main instigators. Kaiser Wilhelm II gave Austria unconditional support against Serbia during the July Crisis, even that meant war with Russia, which also meant war with France. Germany believe that they could win an…

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