Getting Home From School Or Work And Watching Essays

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Getting home from school or work and watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians” or other reality shows has made people become another person. They spend most of their time watching shows and imagining themselves in that position. The main problem is how people interpret what they are watching. What is heard and watch in those TV shows is what most of the people would like to experience in their life thinking to be real and normal. The main idea is to notice the difference between TV shows and the reality of life. Taking in consideration that those reality shows are not truly real. This most of the time allows them to escape their real life and problems until they go back to reality. But those reality shows present things in real life? Or does it show what people wants to see? It is said that people usually learn by what they see. As Fiske mentioned, “The people,” then, are better recognized by what they do than by who they are, and popular culture, by analogy, is better recognized by what it does than by what it it. Popular culture is more a cultural of process than of products” (pg. 2). He tries to explain how things become popular. When we see someone doing something or having something considered to be cool, you would definitely want it. People of same social classes usually share the same views and things. Something becoming popular and everyone having it. They see something and would do it just to fit in. That is one of the main problems with reality shows. As we can…

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