Globalization Of The Brazilian Immigration Policy Essay examples

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Nowadays immigration is a subject that is in spot light around the world. Turning on the TV; every single day we can see different types of news regard this theme. Throughout the History Brazil is a frequent immigrant’s destination. Over there arrived Germans, Italians, Japanese, and others. After 2010 the number of Haitian immigrants increased. They are running away of the extreme poverty situation caused by the terrible earthquake that destroyed the country killing three hundred thousand people or so. It’s brought to the light a discuss about Brazilian Immigration Policy. The increase of immigration is showing that the Brazilian immigration policy is old-fashioned, and enables to provide the best support, like social inclusion to immigrants.
Due Brazil today is considered a potential economic power in ascension, people are going there looking for a better life. According (Machado, 2008) due the economy ascension, the foreign market is quite interested in Brazil bringing to the country a large range of investments in technology, agriculture and natural resources businesses Although we are going through a economic global crisis, Brazil presents advantages. As an example, the inflation is under control, in average the population income is increasing, and people have easy credit access. Besides, we are living in a globalized world, where people have easy information access and knowing regarding this attractive scenario, many people decide to dare to cross the borders in…

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