Gm Research Paper

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General Motors Company (GM) is known as one of the world’s top automakers that do business in more than 157 countries. By providing quality vehicle security, and information services, GM is always listed as one of the best choices that customers from different ages and social classes tend to pick. But recently, due to poor management decision, the recession of 2008, and its inability to be flexible to change and the loss of market share to foreign competitors, GM filed for Chapter 11 reorganization Bankruptcy in 2009. But after the reorganization, the company is slowly getting back on track and recently has shown growth.
This research paper focuses on four sections of GM: production strategy, marketing, financial analysis
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Chevrolet held the same program on 2009 and according to the company’s statistic; there was less than one percent of customer returns. This program aims mostly for new buyers, the company creates an opportunity for them to try a new vehicle for two months and decide whether or not they want to keep it. Usually, the customers will get stuck with a vehicle they do not like and pay for the loan; this program reduces that burden for them. The second one is being the domestic car and truck sponsor for the Olympics. They run ads during the games to attract more customers, familiarize the name of a brand, and reinforce company’s identity. GM has been in a continuous sponsor for the Olympics since 1996. Sponsoring the Olympic Games has a huge effect on the company sales because there are thousands of athletes that endorse sponsorships, media exposure, people in the audience, and television viewers. It also broadcasts worldwide on TV, internet, and smartphones ads. These recent technologies have increased the awareness and sales of the brand as an Olympics sponsor. This article helps us to understand better the strategy GM uses to advertise for their vehicles, based on that, we can analyze how marketing helps boost up the sales of the company and effects of

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