Essay on Graduation Speech : English Writing

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When I moved to the United States, I was only sixteen years old, and beginning my junior year in high school. I come from Dominican Republic, where the native language is Spanish. In my country most of the young citizens learn the basic of speaking, and writing in English. For example, my friends are able to understand, and interact with a movie in English, even if the movie does not have subtitles in Spanish. I have only been studying English for two years, and I successfully completed high school in the United States. However, in the two years I spent learning English, I encountered many struggles within writing, and speaking English eloquently. The three times in which English has caused me most difficulty were at presenting in my AP Biology course, completing essays in my English writing class, and when I went to Macy’s in order to return my prom dress.
In my AP Biology course, the professor had a meticulous method of teaching their students the material of the book. The method of the professor was to make their students to teach the class through the action of presenting a PowerPoint every day. There was a PowerPoint for each chapter of the book. The PowerPoint’s were always posted on his website, along with the homework’s. The students of the course, including myself, had to print out a PowerPoint, and read the chapter of the book before class. Every day I went to class, it was very mysterious to each of the students taking the course, because we did not knew which…

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