Graduation Speech : High School Essay

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When I was in high school, I remembered how difficult it was to get up and get ready for school because I always finish my schoolwork late at night. My high school routine was to get up in the morning by 5:40 am and get ready because our school’s first bell was at 7:45 am. School day ends at 2:37 pm. Unfortunately, since I was aspiring to be a “well-rounded” student a student who is ideal to get into colleges that he or she plans on attending, I don’t go home right after school. My afterschool tasks consisted of clubs and/or cabinet position meetings, teachers’ conference, group projects to finish, and/or community service to fulfill. There were times where I had to do more than one afterschool activity on the same day. As exhausting as all of these may sound, I still need to go home and start on my schoolwork. Sometimes, when my class homeworks conflict with other class homeworks, which happen on regular basis by the way, I don’t get to sleep until I finish all of them, so those times varies from 12:45 am to 3 am. This was my life on repeat for my entire high school career. Imagine having my routine for every single day in a year. Of course, there were times where I looked and acted like a zombie at school. It was fine though, since I’m not the only one who looked like that. Most of my friends and some classmates have had the same look. It was the look that symbolized the amount of hard work we contributed to be successful. Since freshman year, our school is preparing us…

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