Guatemal A Country Area For The Summer Living Off One Dollar A Day

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Four American men are going to a rural area in Guatemala for the summer living off one dollar a day. They’re motivated to take this challenge because 1.1 billion people around the world live off one dollar a day. Guatemala goes through severe poverty. Workers in Guatemala never know when they’ll get paid, while the kids in Guatemala can’t go to school because they work to provide more money for their family. If you lose everything you have here, you have nothing. Americans however, live off 109 dollars every three days. Workers in America know when they’ll get paid, and kids don’t have to worry about getting a job most likely until they’re 16, or don’t even have to get a job at all. Compared to Guatemalans, Americans are spoiled and don’t appreciate the schooling, nutrition and employment that they have. Meanwhile, Guatemalans have to work instead of going to school to provide for their family, Americans are deciding which school they want to go to. One way American kids differ from Guatemalans, is how they don’t appreciate their opportunities to learn. For example, they always want to be somewhere with their friends, or even sitting at home. “With the typical college student skipping up to an entire year’s worth of classes at a traditional four-year university, no one should be surprised that 45 percent of students fail to earn their diploma.” (Montgomery). Half the kids that go to school today in America skip classes. Another difference is how American students are in a…

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