Guidelines For Improving Quality Improvement Plan Essay

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In order for my quality improvement plan to work, the following stakeholders must be part of the plan and fully support the plan.
1. Providers: The doctors must approve the plan and guide their staff in making sure that the correct information is disseminated to the patients. The reasoning is that they are ultimately responsible for this information and have the final say about antibiotic prescriptions. Additionally, doctors are typically the last person that speak to patients from a medical perspective; and it is important that any educational opportunities that was provided by the nurse is followed up by the provider.
2. Nurses: The nurses must have a full understanding of the information that they will be giving to the patients and the message must be consistent. They will also need to commit to taking a few more minutes of their busy schedules to ensure that patients are educated in the use of antibiotics. The reasoning and belief is that educating the patients will lead to a reduction of patients pressuring doctors to prescribe these medications. Also, patients will better understand why they should not take a drug that will not help them, and this hopefully will lead to less cases of illnesses becoming resistant to antibiotics.
3. All other support staff: Secretaries, LPN’s, and other office staff that have contact with patients must also be a part of this plan. While they may not be the ones responsible for explaining the quality improvement plan, they will need to…

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