Gun Laws : A Fundamental Human Right, Or Are They Doing More Damage Than Good?

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For the past 2 decades, the issue of Americas gun laws has been much discussed, but barley changed, despite mass shootings and the damage the second amendment is doing to the minds of their population. The American population, on average, looses 3.54 people per 100,000 people every year due to firearm homicides. This compares very poorly to the UK’s o.o6 average per 100,00, and even worse to Japanese 0.0 average. How can America hold only 5% of the world 's population and yet contribute to 31% of the world 's mass shootings ?Should Guns be a fundamental human right, or are they doing more damage than good?

Americas gun laws, although seeming reasonable, are causing an arbitrary amount of damage. The Second Amendment ( "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." ), is the reason that no change has been made. Pro-gun Americans often use this as a defence, saying that the very country was built upon this constitution, and that the availability of firearms and the large number of mass/school shootings have no correlation. The one outstanding issue with this argument is that there are no other contributing factors to this issue, apart from Americas apparent obsession with gaining fame. And seeing as there are no other contributing factors ,it is common sense to limit availability of firearms, and enforce stricter background checks. On top of this, stopping…

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