Hamlet : An Everlasting Love Essay

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Hamlet to Ophelia – an everlasting love
While the few of the royal family had still not understood Hamlet’s persistence of continued mourning and frustration for his father’s death, “with its obsession with damaged psychology” (Davies). Hamlet could not resist remembering the legacy of the former king with not also to count for his mother’s marriage with his uncle Claudius. With Hamlet feeling very distraught and having to overcome his troubles with his family to the point of questioning his very own existence “to be or not to be” (3.1.56). Hamlet overcomes these suicidal thoughts of the unknowingly possible scenarios of the afterlife which leads him to believe of how it might be against God’s values, but yet also thinks how it just might be like a sleeping dream experience. With the young prince feeling alone and with the need to overcome his troubles, Hamlet turns to Ophelia – a young noblewoman of Denmark who becomes Hamlet’s lover.
As Hamlet grows his feelings and love for Ophelia due to his lack of emotional trust with the ongoing happenings in his life, Hamlet proves to show his affection towards Ophelia with the need for emotional support. However at times of conflict he verbally abuses her to an extent of calling her a whore. Hamlet acclaims to Ophelia, “Get thee to a nunnery” (3.1.121), commanding her to go live in a brothel like place so she won’t breed sinner like men like Hamlet. As Ophelia questions Hamlet’s love for her in this scene, Hamlet denies his love…

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