Harry Harlow Experiment On Monkeys Essay examples

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In chapter six Monkey Love, Harry Harlow experiment on monkeys to demonstrate the psychology of attachment. Harry was doing research on monkeys heart and head. While he was doing these research he realized that the infant macaques were separated from their mothers. The infant macaques got attached to terry cloth towels, they loved these towels. This is when Harlow questioned why the infant monkeys had an attachment to the towel. Harlow decided to experiment on these monkeys. He would take them away from their mothers and give them a cloth to see what the reaction was. Days past and the monkeys started acting like the cloth was their mother, by nippling, hanging, and doing other things. He discovered that an infant monkey cared more for a surrogate mother. Harry Harlow wanted to know what the idea of love was.

Harry discovered that the infant macaques would get attached to a surrogate mother rather than a breast feeding one. It is the nature of love that a baby has for their mother. Another experiment that Harry did on the infant monkeys was to take them away from the mother once it was born and was put in a cage with a blank face cloth mom.While they were in the procedure of making a mask for the cloth body , the infant got use to the blank face. Once the mask was ready and put on the body the reaction the the infant monkeys were scary. It yelled, screamed and would keep away from it when it had the mask on. The infant macaque prefered the…

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