He Called Me Benny Boy Essay

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He Called Me Benny Boy
The life of my grandfather from start to finish was remarkable! He had many qualities that I admire and it took his entire life to perfect them. My grandfather was wise, disciplined, loyal, and dependable. He was an exceptional leader, and hard working. He was a man of integrity. When he gave you his word, he kept it. He was courageous and determined. He was a persistent man. Most of all he was a loving man. I wish I had half the qualities that he had.
His life was a journey that began April 25, 1948 in Purcell, Oklahoma. When he was born, the birth certificate read Harold Ray Mathews and his mother and the school principal had to have it amended to add a ‘t’ to Matthews. The ironic point to mentioning this is the birth certificate was not amended until December 12, 1965. My grandfather was seventeen years old when his birth certificate was amended to reflect the correct spelling of his name for his high school diploma. My grandfather attended Purcell High School just as my mother and my sister and I. My grandfather was in Future Farmers of America and received the State of Oklahoma FFA degree just as my mother and my sister and I. While in high school my grandfather developed leadership skills that he would later use. I aspire to be a leader like him.
Even though my grandfather was unaware of the great things he would do later in life he was a natural born leader and a person of character. After graduation Harold enlisted in the Army. He served…

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