Essay Health Psychology Pl Obesity

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In my research paper, I will be focusing on a family member who is diabetic and overweight. He is thirty years of age, nearly 300 pounds, has poor dietary habits and has been told by his doctor that he can die at a young age if he does not take care of this chronic disease and his weight issue as well. He has been diagnosed with type II diabetes and the condition has been worsened by his continued use of consuming foods and drinks that has a high sugary content. He is at a higher risk of developing major organ failure, loss of limb, coronary failure and even loss of vision. These are all related to his diabetes not being managed and controlled. He was always overweight from a young age but as a child was active in sports so his weight was not always an issue. However, as he entered into adulthood, he became less active but kept up with the eating. One day, he said he was feeling very tired, very thirsty and his vision was slightly blurred. Upon taking the advice of his mother, he went to the emergency room, where after being given a series of test he was told his A1C was over 400. He was admitted for a few days till it was brought down to normal levels and was told from there that his lifestyle and diet will have to be changed for the rest of his life. I believe, he is either in denial about his condition or does not care about his health. The family, myself included have been trying to help him with his diabetic condition and…

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