Essay on Health Psychology : The Republic Of Macedonia

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Sadra Dowlatshahi
Prof. Yim
Winter 2016
Health Psychology
The Republic of Macedonia
The Republic of Macedonia, a former portion of Yugoslavia, is located in the central Balkan peninsula gained its independence in 1991. Macedonia has a Mediterranean climate that can grow a variety of fruits and vegetables, allowing the country to have an extremely diverse cuisine. It has a population of 2,069,162, broken down into multiple different ethnicities with the two biggest fractions being Macedonian’s sixty-four percent and Albanian’s making up twenty-five percent. The country has two major religions, Christianity and Islam, the former making up the greater percentage.
Since its independence the country has been struggling but has made multiple efforts to better itself. The most predominant issues that Macedonia faces is with its economy. As of a census taken in 2015, Macedonia has a twenty-seven percent unemployment rate and its poverty rate is at about a 22% poverty rate. The average yearly income is approximately $12,000 with many having difficulty maintaining their lifestyle. To combat this the government has invested heavily in technology and set a flat tax rate to bring companies and business into the country. It has 5 public universities with no more than a handful private ones. With limited access to education, the working population has an overall high school level education, but the Ministry of education is working hard to improve this. Recently they have gotten 461…

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