Health Risks That Are Caused By Poor Diet Essay

772 Words Jul 9th, 2015 4 Pages
It is not uncommon to hear in the news and on social media how horribly unhealthy the current generation is, that today’s generation is at more risk than ever before, and more like that. While many might say these things, most probably understand that these are clearly exaggerations for the purpose of capturing the attention of the audience. After all there have been generations that have grown up with the plague, leprosy and polio as common and everyday things. Even so there are trends in current American society that create specific health risks that could be easily avoided. That is health risks that are caused by poor diet. Too often Americans are eating meals that have been prepared by someone else or by a machine and as such have no way of controlling their diet. Cooking at home and having a family dinner regularly can drastically improve the lives of many Americans. Since the American society has an underlying attitude of rush, many often do not pause to think about where or what. That is to say they do not think of where their food has come from or what is in it. How can you maintain a healthy diet if you don’t know what it is your eating? It’s hard enough to get a definitive answer of whether or not carbs are good, or how much protein you need. Every individuals diet requirements are so varied that meeting them by the one size fits all of frozen meals and fast food is impossible. If you buy all of your ingredients yourself and prepare them in your…

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