Healthcare: a Right or a Privilege Essay

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Healthcare: A Right or a Privilege
An Argument over National Healthcare in the United States
Bobbi Pippins
Soc 120
Instructor: Sheila Fry March 23, 2012

Healthcare: A Right or a Privilege An Argument over National Healthcare in the United States There will always be a debate over what is considered fair healthcare in America. As long as there is no national healthcare system that is equal for everyone, there will be arguments over whether it is a right or a privilege. Research will show that healthcare is a basic right for every human being in the world, and that by having a national healthcare system in America, this right can be
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Another one of the principles mentioned in the Constitution of the World Health Organization is that governments have a responsibility for the health of their peoples which can be fulfilled only by the provision of adequate health and social measures (World Health Organization, 2006). That simple statement, in and of itself, just speaks volumes. Not only is a national healthcare system the right thing to do, it is the government’s responsibility. As we know, healthcare reform comes down to this question: Is healthcare a right or a privilege? Most countries around the world that have healthcare have decided that everyone should have it, no matter what (Marshall, 2011). Considering the fact that preventable illness makes up approximately 70% of the burden of illness and the associated costs (New England Journal of Medicine, 1993), health programs should attempt to improve both physical and financial health. The central goal remains improvement in health habits, and ultimately the postponement and prevention of major chronic illnesses (New England Journal of Medicine, 1993). There would be less treatment for chronic diseases at emergency departments and that would reduce the amount of unpaid medical costs that the hospital would have to try and recover. The United States ranks last on safety and does poorly on several dimensions of quality. We do particularly poorly on going without care because of cost as well as doing surprisingly poorly on access to

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