Healthcare Communication Paper

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HealthCare Communication Opinion Paper
Health communication is crucial to the success of health care encounters and it is the most import tool that health professionals have to provide effective health care to their clients. Communication is the transferring of information between people or places through verbal messages, effective communication begins with relaying messages in a clear, direct way where they can be easily interpreted and received, in order for the communication to be effective the sender has to relay or present their ideals by using the correct wording, sounds and even gestures in a way that the receiver can easily understand the message. Good medical care depends upon effective communication between providers and
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Since effective communication is the foundation of the health care delivery system, health communication can take place in many different forms, technology has become a very powerful tool of communication in the health care industry with the ability for health care professionals to communicate with clients and patient’s abroad great distances giving some people the ability to access some medical services that they otherwise would not have access to. Technologies such as social media have become very popular in the health care industry and have had a significant impact on the delivery of communication in healthcare the most relevant technologies are social networking websites, blogs and wikis. Many primary health care professionals use these online formats to engage with peers, patients and other community members regardless of their geographical locations (Anikeeva & Bywood, 2013). There are very effective strategies that a healthcare provider can use to encourage a reluctant patient or consumer to communicate openly, ask openly inquiring questions and use words and speak in a language that adequately communicate the message that they are trying to convey so that the patient and their family can fully understand, give that person your complete undivided attention while they speak, always reflect back with

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