Essay Helping People Overcome Addiction, Depression And Themselves

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I have always dreamed of being a psychologist, I want to be able to help people overcome addiction, depression and themselves. My goals in life have not changed. My plans for the future include completing my Bachelors of Applied Social Sciences, and then entering a master’s program in psychology and eventually earning my doctorate. I want to use my degrees to research and study mental illness and also provide counseling and therapy. When I was young I had an alcoholic father, a disease that is common in his family and took the lives of his father and his brother. My father overcame his addiction and I learned many valuable lessons in the process. We had a family therapist as well as a therapist dedicated to my younger sister and me. The tools I learned in therapy allowed me to control my emotions, become more aware of others and their feelings and break the cycle of addiction that many in my fathers’ side of the family still struggle with. Since then I have wanted to have the knowledge to offer the support and tools to others that were offered to me, and provide others with a better quality of life. Once I began taking psychology classes I became enthralled with mental illness and decided that area of psychology was where I wanted to focus my studies.
I am currently a stay at home mother of three children, two boys, 10 and 7, and one daughter, 16 months. I have dedicated the better part of the last 10 years to raising my children and making life as easy as I can for my…

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