Essay about Hidden Biases Of Good People

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“True, we have evolved to be social animals with both positive and negative traits, demonstrating strong tendencies for cooperation and altruism as well as conflict and violence” (Banaji and Greenwald 124). This quote is derived from Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People, and gives insight to the larger meaning of the text. There are many lessons that one can take from this book including that humans live in a world full of mindbugs, which can be described as “ingrained habits of thought that lead to errors in how we perceive, remember, reason, and make decisions” (Banaji and Greenwald 4). One can also learn that we live in a world of categories, and these categories create ingroups and outgroups. Going even further, these ingroups and outgroups create stereotyping between opposing groups. By the end of the book each reader should be able to suggest how we come to know ourselves and others. All life starts in the womb and continues in the infant stage. During this stage children will start their journey of life, love, and even discrimination. In fact, “by three months of age they stare longer at a face from their own racial group than at one from a less familiar racial group” (Banaji and Greenwald 128). Although infants are not born with the instinct to discriminate in any way, it is evident that they acquire this instinct very early in life. For example, babies will look longer at females if their primary caregiver is female. They will also stare at people of the same…

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